Xtreme Pro Apparel was founded in 2013 when Jordon Gutierrez decided to step in and help his father Ed Gutierrez (owner of RMN Events.) After wrestling in the tournaments for so many years he noticed the need for gear and apparel in between school and working part time for RMN. Xtreme Pro has a full range of wrestling gear including singlets, fight shorts, rash-guards, accessories, and more. Having a strong design focus, and a commitment for creating high quality goods, Xtreme Pro has been quickly embraced by wrestling and grappling communities alike.

Xtreme Pro Apparel has an elite roster of more than 20 of the best wrestlers in the World, from the likes of Enzo Bell, Kenny Sailas, Che Jenkins, Israel Borge, D'mitri Alarcon, and more.

Under Jordon Gutierrez's signature design and creativity, Xtreme Pro Apparel maintains a strong focus on delivering wrestling goods with high integrity and matching quality, keeping true to its roots and remaining unchanged for years to come.

Whether a wrestler, artist, designer, or athlete, anyone who pursues his or her dream, and makes that dream a reality represents the #XTREMELIFE

RMN Rankings

Posted by Jordongutierrez. on 2/14/2015


6 & Under 40 - 76 Max

8 & Under 42 - 108 Max

10 & Under 49 - 143 Max

12 & Under 66 - 186 Max

15 & Under 81 - 250 Max

18 & Under 103 - 285 Max

Open Division (Non College)

Rookie Division

How "Rankings" work:

Ranking calculation explanation: Everytime an athlete participates in a Trackwrestling event they receive a percentile finish for the weight class they participated in for that event. This percentile is calculated based on how they placed, and if they didn't place it is calculated based on the number of wins the wrestler earned. Because this is based on a percentile, placing 3rd in a bracket with 16 wrestlers is better than finishing 2nd in a bracket with 8. The RMN 2014-2015 ranking is calculated using the event levels specified below. We calculated an average percentile finish for each wrestler in the levels they competed in, and we extrapolate down if necessary to determine how they might have finished in a lower level category if they didn't participate in that category. Once we have an average percentile finish at all levels at or below the level the wrestler competed at, we use the min and max points for the level to determine how many points the wrestler should receive at that level. Finally we take the average points earned in those levels to get the wrestler's final ranking. Only wrestlers that participate in a core event will receive a ranking and the core events are bolded in the list of events below. The ranking for a wrestler is calculated based on the results on their profile on the date the ranking was last calculated. This ranking was last calculated on 12/10/2014.

Level 1 - 125.00 - 2500.00

11/02/2014 - 2014 Southwest Kickoff Classic Freakshow

03/20, 21, 22/2015 - Rocky Mountain Nationals

Level 2 - 100.00 - 2000.00

11/08/2014 - Monster Match Nationals

12/27/2014 - Who`s Bad? National Classic

02/28/2015 - Rumble in Reno

03/14/2015 - Terminator World Championships

07/10, 11, 12, 2015 Ultimate Championships

Level 3 - 75.00 - 1500.00

11/29/2014 - Show Me Nationals

12/06/2014 - Beast of the West

01/10/2015 - Texas Chainsaw Matsacre

01/17/2015 - New Mexico National Showdown

02/07/2015 - Wild West Championships

03/27, 28/2015 - Colorado Middle School State Regionals

Level 4 - 50.00 - 1200.00

04/26/2015 - Aztec Warrior Championships Greco

04/27/2015 - Aztec Warrior Championships Freestyle

04/27/2015 - Aztec Warrior Championships

Rookies will be kept track of on an ongoing basis after each scheduled event. The Top Rookie of the Year will receive a Championship Belt at the Rocky Mountain Nationals in March.

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