Xtreme Pro Apparel was founded in 2013 when Jordon Gutierrez decided to step in and help his father Ed Gutierrez (owner of RMN Events.) After wrestling in the tournaments for so many years he noticed the need for gear and apparel in between school and working part time for RMN. Xtreme Pro has a full range of wrestling gear including singlets, fight shorts, rash-guards, accessories, and more. Having a strong design focus, and a commitment for creating high quality goods, Xtreme Pro has been quickly embraced by wrestling and grappling communities alike.

Xtreme Pro Apparel has an elite roster of more than 20 of the best wrestlers in the World, from the likes of Enzo Bell, Kenny Sailas, Che Jenkins, Israel Borge, D'mitri Alarcon, and more.

Under Jordon Gutierrez's signature design and creativity, Xtreme Pro Apparel maintains a strong focus on delivering wrestling goods with high integrity and matching quality, keeping true to its roots and remaining unchanged for years to come.

Whether a wrestler, artist, designer, or athlete, anyone who pursues his or her dream, and makes that dream a reality represents the #XTREMELIFE

Xtreme Music in November

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Xp Music @soundcloud.com/xtremepro

Dirty Heads - My Sweet Summer

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Xp Music @soundcloud.com/xtremepro

Cool shots from Freakshow and Monster Match

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Thank you to everyone who participated!








Action Shot Contest

Posted by Jordongutierrez. on 11/27/2014
Rocky Mountain Nationals and Xtreme Pro Apparel are searching for the best action shot for a SHOT to be featured on advertising pieces that'll be seen by thousands in the 2014-15 RMN Season. Submit your pictures to adam@rmnevents.com for a chance to win!

Now 4 sale!

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Click on the Shop tab to check out more styles!



Aaron Pico Segment

Posted by Jordongutierrez. on 11/20/2014

He's a Cadet World Champion, a Junior National Champion, he's beaten Senior level Russians and d1 All Americans. He's only 17 and he already went pro. Wrestlers like Aaron Pico don't come along often, but when they do you make sure to pay attention.

All 1st Placers receive an awesome belt...

Posted by Jordongutierrez. on 11/18/2014

If you were not able to hit one of our two double headers (Monster Match Nationals and Freakshow) DON'T miss these next two. The Show Me Nationals and Beast of the West are on separate parts of the map; making these two exciting events accessible for kids all over the U.S. to be a part of. We will be presenting belts for all the first place winners at these two events… Free Dre Beat headphones will be given out to all Madden Tournament champions alongside, air cannon shootouts, fun apparel designs and the best wrestling gear in the nation to choose your holiday season gifts.

RMN Events takes time to assure coming into new states like Missouri and California are created around building tough competition and a fun weekend for wrestling families to attend. In expanding out into states like MO and CA, RMN Events hopes to encourage all to give us a chance to host you and your team. We are very eager to serve you and want to say thank you to all of our patrons getting geared-up for this weekend. If you have not yet registered, the deadline for Show Me Nationals is tonight at midnight online at www.RMNEvents.com. Also, Beast of the West will be closing online registration next week on Monday December 1st at midnight. Registration at weigh ins are accepted for an additional fee.


In planning your stay in St. Louis, Missouri, make time to take the journey of a lifetime 630 feet up into the Gateway Riverfront Arch. The tour lasts approximately 45 - 60 minutes. For more information on this exciting attraction click here: https://ticketsforthearch.com/eStore/?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1.

Register Here!

This WILL be a fun event with NUWAY partnering up with RMN Events tough competition is promised...

Bus loads are packing up for this event. Don't miss out on your chance to win this first place award!



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Official Teaser Trailer 



2014 Monster Match Nationals Recap

Posted by Ryan Lance on 11/17/2014

Monster Match Nationals, Rocky Mountain Nationals

The Monster Match Nationals 15 and under wrestling event took place Saturday, Nov. 8 in Denver. This event had a true second-place match. Here is how each weight class played out. 72-pounds Dakota Baker, a 72 pounder from Rawlins, Wyoming, of Rawtown Elite Wrestling Club won first place after defeating La Junta, Colorado native Josiah Valenzuela by fall in just 30 seconds. Valenzuela took second place. Baker won both of his matches by fall. In third place was Nate Lujan, who lost both of his matches, one by fall and the other by a 10-8 decision to Valenzuela. 78-pounds Laken Boese of MATPAC Wrestling-ND took home first place after defeating Dawson Collins of the Colorado Outlaws in a 2-0 decision. Boese won all four of his matches on his way to an undefeated weekend. The only match Collins lost was the first-place match and won the true second-place match after beating Mitchel Slack, who won third place, of Extreme Wrestling Club. 83-pounds Vincent Mannella, of Compound Wrestling Club, won the first-place match over the second-place winner Dayne Morton of Sibley East in a hard-fought 2-0 decision. Mannella leaped into the championship match after he beat all four of his opponents. Morton defeated Beau Ohlson of SOT Academy in the second-place bout. Ohlson won against William Zernich of Team GV to claim third place on Saturday. 88-pounds Adrian Marquez, from Monument, Colorado and of SOT Academy, won his claim to fame in the first-place match after he beat down Mitchell Peterson of the Minnesota Elite in a flashy 8-3 decision. In the true second-place match, Peterson won his final match of the weekend to win the silver. Cameron Metcalf, of Top of the Rock, defeated Tayt Wolding from New Salem, ND in a tight 2-1 decision to take home the third-place title in the 88-pound weight class. 95-pounds Ian Statia, of Team Minion, won the gold medal in this weight class after defeating Minnesota Elite's Jeron Matson. Statia won three of his five matches by fall, won another match by an 11-1 major decision before his 5-2 decision that won him first place. Matson bounced back nicely after losing in the championship by defeating A.J. Serna of Team Grand Valley for second place. Serna won third place by beating down the Almont, North Dakota native Chauncey Dittus in a 4-2 decision. 102-pounds North Dakota state champion Ryan Ripplinger of MATPAC Wrestling-ND won the championship after he beat Spencer Stockman of Rapid City Westside by a 6-1 decision. Three of Ripplinger's five victories came by fall, and one came by an 8-0 major decision. Spencer Stockman, who is the South Dakota state champion, won the true second-place match after he defeated Justin Pacheco of team Colorado Elite. Pacheco is the Colorado state champion and he took home the third-place title. 109-pounds Jason Hanenberg, who is from Colorado Springs, Colorado and the state champion in his weight class, won the 109-pound title. Hanenberg represents Steel City Elite and defeated Jace Trujillo of La Gente Wrestling Club by a close 2-0 decision. As it seems to be a trend in each weight class, the loser of the first-place match went on to win the true second-place match after. This time was no different as Trujillo beat Zeke Alirez of team Predators, who won the third-place title. 116-pounds Golden, Colorado native and state champion Anthony Quintana, of team Golden, took down Preston Renner by fall in just 2:35. Renner's team is unknown but his hand was raised after he defeated Jerzie Estrada of SOT Academy by rule to win the second-place title. Estrada won third place by an impressive 9-0 major decision. 123-pounds Winning by fall in 3 minutes and 56 seconds in the national-title bout was Wyoming State Champion, Trevor Jeffriers. Jeffries, who represents team Peak, began the tournament with a first-round bye and then went on to beat his next three opponents before taking down Wyatt Pfau to win the title. Pfau, of team Brush, won second place over Trey Hage of team Legends of Gold. Hage won third place by an 8-1 decision. 130-pounds Taten Ringel previously won the Utah state title and this weekend he won the national title after he won against Trevor Clark. Ringel, who wrestles for North Summit won in a 6-1 decision. Clark, who represents Star Valley High, did not follow the trend and lost the second-place match by fall in 3:09. He lost to Anthony Ulaszek of team Bear Cave. Ulaszek also claimed third place over Clay Keller by fall in a short 33 seconds. 137-pounds The 137-pound Colorado state champion Kian Colonese rode a first-round bye and four wins en route to a national title in his weight class. Colonese, who represents Pine Creek HS, stood over Jordan Komac of North Montana Wrestling Club in an 8-6 victory. Komac was ruled the second-place winner over Zac Musselman of Salvation. Musselman was able to rebound nicely as he won the third place title in the 137-pound weight class by an 8-0 major decision. 144-pounds Sidney Wrestling Club's very own Derek Robb muscled over Elijah Blanco of Panhandle Extreme to claim his national title. He stood victorious after the pin at the 2:22 mark. Robb looked impressive winning all four of his matches, three by fall and one by an 8-5 decision. Blanco ended up losing the second-place match to Kolby Kost, of team Rapid City CKW, after a 4-0 decision. Kost also beat down Colter France of France Wrestling Club to win third place. 156-pounds Brock Bushfield, of Billings Skyview, had a notable weekend as he won his four matches by fall including the one that won him the national title for the 156-pound weight class. The fall came in just 53 seconds over Mikinzie Klimper. Klimper, of team Bad Dogs, took down and pinned Chance Falk at the 1:35 mark in the true second-place match. Falk, of team Predators, claimed third place by fall in 2:05 over Scott Cavazos of Chaparral Wrestling Club. 172-pounds Tino Lopez, of team Sheridan, won all three matches en route to his own national title. Lopez is the 172-pound Colorado state champion, and won by fall in just 16 seconds against Trevor Overvolo of Glasgow Wrestling Club. Overvolo dropped down to the second-place match, which he won by rule over Terren Swartz, of Camel Kids Wrestling Club. Swartz took home third-place in a quick match won by fall in 41 seconds. 190-pounds Jacob Sigler, of Rapid City CKW, stood over one of his teammates Mathais Thompson also of Rapid City CKW and won first place by a 2-0 decision. Sigler looked strong over the weekend winning all three matches, 2 were won by fall. Thompson won second place by rule over Open's Matthew Dunkelman, who went on to claim third place by fall at the 60-second mark. Heavy Weight Title Kaleb Gaede, of Olympian Wrestling Club, won all three of his matches en route to winning the national title. Gaede proved to be too much to overcome as his final victory came by fall. Andy Garcia, of La Gente Wrestling Club, won second place after winning his first two matches, but losing in the final round to Gaede. Austin Duncan, of Gering Wrestling Club, won his final match over Jaden Rahn, of WPWC, by fall at 1:30 to take home third place. Written by Youth1 Contributor Ben Carroll.

Elevation Training Masks coming to XP soon!

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The Science


You walk and run every day without thinking about your breathing or the ability to breathe, it's taken for granted. Imagine, that one day, fatigue and plateau's were a thing of that past, with the Training Mask that day is NOW!


Elevation Training Mask mimics the effects of High Altitude Training. When elite athletes want to improve their performance they go to high altitude levels to train. When they come back to sea level they perform much stronger, faster, and have increased endurance. Training Mask makes your work out more efficient allowing you to take your work out from 60 minutes to 20 minutes. From the average daily walker to the marathon runner, Training Mask appeals to every athlete who wants to improve their overall health and performance.

What is the Elevation Training Mask?

Elevation Training Mask is a patented (PAT.8.590.533 B2) "Resistance Training Device" that helps condition the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance and strengthening the diaphragm.
Elevation Training Mask will help you regulate your breathing, increase lung stamina, lung capacity, oxygen efficiency and increase overall mental focus. Training Mask can help your overall performance in all sports and daily living Elevation Training Mask helps! By condition the lungs and creating pulmonary resistance, your diaphragm is strengthened, surface area and elasticity in the alveoli is increased. Elevation Training Mask will help get your breathing under control and help with lung stamina, increase lung capacity, oxygen efficiency and increase overall mental focus. Training Mask can be used to make you become a better athlete in all sports and daily living. Our multi-level resistance system reduces air flow through our patented (PAT.8.590.533 B2) "Resistance Training Device" flux valve system. Training Mask promotes increased lung capacity by forcing you to inhale fuller deeper breaths. When your body adapts to the resistance your lungs will be trained to take deeper breaths and use oxygen more efficiently. A short explanation of how this works is simple. When you breathe against resistance the lining in the lungs essentially stretches out allowing the alveoli’s surface area to become "stretched" thus in return allows for more blood flow to the alveoli for more (oxygen transportation). When you increase "surface area" you increase red blood cell count that will be able to carry more oxygen out to the extremities. icons.jpg
mask-3.jpg After extensive research and clinical testing from the UNIVERSITY OF NAIT the Training Mask 2.0 has made remarkable advancement in the fitness and training industry. Training Mask 2.0 takes all the amazing "Diaphragm Resistance Technology" from Training Mask 1.0 and compiles it into a less obtrusive, amazingly comfortable silicone mask that fits over the nose and mouth. Our multi-level resistance system reduces air flow through our patented (PAT.8.590.533 B2) "Resistance Training Device" flux valve system. Training Mask 2.0 promotes increased lung capacity by forcing you to inhale fuller deeper breaths. When your body adapts to the resistance your lungs will be trained to take deeper breaths and use oxygen more efficiently. A short explanation of how this works is simple. When you breathe against resistance the lining in the lungs essentially stretches out allowing the alveoli’s surface area to become "stretched" thus in return allows for more blood flow to the alveoli for more (oxygen transportation). When you increase "surface area" you increase red blood cell count that will be able to carry more oxygen out to the extremities While using Training Mask 2.0 the conditioning of your lungs significantly increases along with endurance and diaphragm strength. Training Mask 2.0 will benefit your respiratory system as your overall cardio and endurance will improve with continued use. **There are many breathing devices and respiratory trainers used by hundreds of elite athletes for sports performance and by other users for health and fitness. Some of these devices are invented to increase strength of the respiratory muscles. Numerous clinical trials have found that these devices can increase endurance and VO2max (maximum oxygen absorption during most intensive exercise), improve lung function tests (VEF, PEF, FVC, and VEmax), lower heart rate for the same load, reduce medication (drugs) and symptoms, improve quality of life scores and lead to other beneficial health effects

New Projects

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Coming Soon!

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 4.07.32 PM Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 3.53.46 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-24 at 2.59.02 PM

The best events you can put your kid in!

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Highly Anticipated awards coming soon to Denver, Colorado for RMN

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